Rent a Seminar

Imagine a meeting of leaders of volunteers where...

  • Together, your participants view a 60-minute online seminar on a fundamental volunteer management topic, created and presented by a recognized expert trainer in our field.
  • They complete small group exercises in pauses during the seminar and talk with each other about key issues raised (Don’t worry, we’ll provide you with a Discussion Guide!).
  • Then, if you wish, Susan J. Ellis or another trainer joins your meeting LIVE via Skype for Q&A! 

Sound Wonderful? 

The best part is how easy and affordable it is to make this your meeting reality!

By popular demand, Energize, Inc. makes individual seminar modules from the Everyone Ready® Online Volunteer Management Training Program available for “rental” to professional associations, university faculty, organization trainers, and conference workshop planners looking for a new, cost-effective way to bring high-quality volunteer management information—and internationally recognized trainers—to their meeting rooms. 

The Affordable Choice

The cost to rent a single seminar to show to your group is just US $375. If you commit from the start to renting more than one seminar in a 12-month period, the price of each additional seminar after the first will be discounted to only US $250 each.

Rent a Seminar Now

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What’s Included

With the rental of an Everyone Ready seminar you get your choice of any one of 19 seminars (see sidebar) to show to your audience of any size. Each seminar rental includes: 

  • Approximately 60 minutes of presentation by an expert trainer in three video segments.
  • A set of Trainer’s Handouts with 15-25 pages of additional, supportive resource material you are permitted to print out and distribute to each participant attending your meeting.
  • A Discussion Guide of recommended questions, along with a suggested training design for how to incorporate group exercises and exchange before, during and after the three parts of each seminar – letting you run a total workshop of 90 minutes to 3 hours in length on the selected topic.
  • Promotional material to use in announcing your session and attracting attendance (we’ll even put your event on the Energize, Inc. website's conference calendar, if you’d like). 
  • Two weeks of access to the seminar for one designated group leader who will be your on-the-ground facilitator (highly recommended!), allowing time to preview the material, prepare the session, print out the handouts, test projection equipment...and then show the seminar on your preferred schedule.

Technical Details

  1. Energize will provide you with full instructions for how to access the seminar and all support materials, which are stored on our server and require no special expertise to use.

    • However, we do recommend that you test your presentation logistics before the actual program in front of your audience, to troubleshoot any on-site equipment issues.
    • Energize is not responsible for setting up your hardware or handling the logistics of the presentation, although we are glad to share our experience with you. 
  2. To show the seminars to your group you will need:
    • One computer with a reliable, strong Internet connection
    • An LCD projector connected to that computer (the same as is commonly used for showing PowerPoint® slides)
    • A screen to project the image so the audience can see
    • Speakers to assure the sound can be heard around the room
  3. If you opt to include the live Skype Q&A with an expert trainer, you will need all of the same equipment above, plus:
    • Access to a Skype account on the computer being used for projection
    • A webcam to transmit a live view ofyour group back to the trainer
    • A microphone through which the trainer can hear your questions
  4. All materials are copyrighted to Energize, Inc. and all identifying information, logos, and other branding must appear as provided on all components of the seminar 
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