Program Overview

The user-friendly interface makes learning easy!The Everyone Ready® Volunteer Management Skill-Building Program delivers quality training and regular communications to learners within your network. Learners can access all resources on their own, at any time. The volunteer management training program was developed by Energize, Inc., recognized around the world for providing exceptional resources for leaders of volunteers since 1977. 

Enrollment in Everyone Ready gives you, your team, or every person in your organization the ability to use the many resources in 5 program components, as well as giving you metrics to assess participation for Organization and Team memberships. 

We invite you to explore the 5 program components of Everyone Ready:

Component 1: The Learning Center

The cornerstone of the Everyone Ready Volunteer Management Skill-Building Program is the Learning Center, a “library” of 40 (and growing!) key volunteer management training resources plus three (3) introductory trainings designed to lay the foundation for successful involvement of volunteers. Each member has 24/7 access to the Learning Center

The training topics have universal interest, have been field-tested by diverse national organization members since 2005, and are updated – and expanded -- regularly.

Online Video Seminars

Seminar video presentations (each divided into three parts, totaling 45-60 minutes in length) with downloadable handouts (in PDF format which each learn may download). Seminars can be watched individually or by several people together (in the case of Team and Organization memberships). Organization-level members have the added benefit of projecting a seminar on a screen for presentation to groups, at a staff meeting, or as a conference breakout session.

Sample a Seminar

Self-Instruction Guides

Downloadable and printable PDFs, 20-30 pages in length, developed for individual and group learning, with pre- and post-reading self-assessments, a “Featured Reading” from a respected source, discussion questions and “try-this” exercises, and an annotated list of further reading references and Web links. 

  • Self-Instruction Guides are downloaded by each learner, so your audience can develop a personal library of volunteer management information.
  • Added bonus! The library provides an audio recording (MP3 file) of each Guide for online listening or downloading to a portable listening device.  This gives your learners even more flexibility in when and how to access the information.

Sample a Self Instruction Guide 

Component 2: Guided Learning on a Bi-Monthly Featured Topic

While all topics are continuously accessible in the Learning Center, every two months we take a deep dive and guide learners through a Featured Topic, for which we assemble a variety of resources learners can access immediately on the site. They can then choose to explore the content most relevant to their work and level of experience.

Here is a sample captionResources offered for each topic include: 

  • A “food for thought” introductory video (under 4 minutes) to put the topic into a broader context 
  • Self-Instruction Guides
  • Online Seminars (full or selected segments)
  • Articles from the e-Volunteerism journal

  • Ability to ask questions of our volunteer management experts on any training topic 

See our calendar of upcoming Featured Topics!


Component 3: Learner Q&A

Because the Everyone Ready materials are produced to introduce learners to the basic concepts of volunteer management, we cannot cover every type of special situation – and often learners want to “translate” the presented materials to the specifics (and language) of their own situations. So we offer the continuous opportunity to ask specific questions of the expert trainers via the Learner Q&A area.

A link is provided on every page to allow submission of questions while using the resources. The responses are made in the Learner Q&A where they remain available for reference. And we encourage everyone to join in the discussion and share their experiences with other learners.

Component 4: Unlimited Access to e-Volunteerism Journal

All Everyone Ready members receive full access to read the most current quarterly issue of e-Volunteerism: The Electronic Journal of the Volunteer Community, and to benefit from the entire archive of over 17 years of past issues (over 500 articles and growing).

An international online publication, e-Volunteerism publishes a new issue quarterly with a variety of new articles on trends and best practices in working with volunteers in any setting. 

  • Your learners will be directed to specific articles that provide additional information on the Featured Topic.
  • Advanced learners will find the journal especially appealing, as it goes beyond the basic level of the Everyone Ready® seminars and guides.

Component 5: 20% Discount in the Energize Inc. Bookstore

All members in the Everyone Ready program receive a 20% discount in the Energize Online Bookstore. The bookstore offers a unique selection of over 80 books on volunteer management from many sources on three continents. 

Organization-level members of Everyone Ready, can also arrange for special bulk purchase discounts and electronic distribution licenses for any bookstore offering that you would like to make available to everyone or a selected group in your network – at prices not available to non-members.

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