How We Support You and Your Learners

Even though the decision to enroll in Everyone Ready® Volunteer Management Skill-Building Program is a critical first step, Team and Organization members need to publicize the program throughout your organization, encouraging participation, and monitor usage. Energize staff will help you choose the most effective program launch strategies, but such communication is unique to each setting.

Support to Your Organization and You

Therefore, we require each Everyone Ready Organization Member or Team Member organization to designate an official “Point Person” (and also an alternate) who is the liaison to Energize for bringing the resources to your network. The Point Person receives the following services and benefits:

  • Point Person Support Area, a special section of the site with descriptions, notices, announcement flyers and other materials useful in promoting the Everyone Ready training resources throughout your network.
  • Usage Statistics and Evaluation Reports – individualized for your organization only -- summarizing participants’ activity and feedback for specific date ranges and training materials.
  • Individualized Consultation Time by phone or e-mail with Energize staff to assist you in launching and running the Everyone Ready program, or to discuss any volunteer-related topic of your choice during the year.
  • Participation in the Everyone Ready Point Person Network through which you can connect with the other Point People, since you all face similar issues in implementing and maintaining the most beneficial use of the resources in the program. As peers, Point People share their best practices in volunteer leadership and how they make their infrastructure more efficient and effective. Point People benefit from periodic conference calls and internal marketing tools for publicizing the Everyone Ready services and materials.
  • Calendar of Upcoming Featured Topics to allow you to invite your network to focus on the same topic together. You can then add value through conference calls for discussion, on-site workshops, or informal brown-bag lunch sessions – all keeping volunteer engagement on the agenda for strategic planning.
  • Optional Launch with Introductory Topics – You can start your members with a seminar and two guides designed to orient newcomers, draw attention to the importance of volunteer engagement, and lay the groundwork for the highlighted Featured Topics to come.
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