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Why It Matters

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Are you tapping the full potential of volunteers?
Engaging skilled time donors as well as seeking money donors?

The single largest factor affecting the success of volunteer involvement is attention. Just as with any other area of your organization, few things happen by spontaneous combustion. However, when you plan strategically to accomplish clear goals, allocate the necessary resources, prepare staff to do the work, monitor progress, and evaluate results, your efforts lead to success. The Everyone Ready® Volunteer Management Skill-Building Program raises the ability of all team members, from executives to front-line service providers, to plan for and welcome volunteers, enabling them to partner with staff on even the most critical goals.

Volunteer Involvement Expands the Vision of the Whole Organization

Everyone Ready is a discussion starter, designed both to build the skills of your network members in partnering with volunteers and also to raise the bar of how you engage the community in your work. "It matters" because of important philosophical concepts, such as these below... more

Yet Few Staff Are Ever Trained in HOW to Work with Volunteers

One of the most commonly-identified concerns of volunteer-involving organizations is tension between employees and volunteers...Such conflict surprises many, but it shouldn't.  The mistake is to assume that everyone innately knows how to work together... more

Volunteers Are Supporters in Many Ways (Including Fundraising)

Volunteers are a critical component of an organization's resource mix. Inexplicably, some organizations put investment in volunteer involvement on the back burner... more

Research Shows the Value of Investment in Volunteer Management

In 2004, the Urban Institute released a landmark study, ... and it is probably the strongest argument ever seen in the United States for the value of—in the words of the report — investment in volunteer management... more

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