Who Are the Learners?

Each organization contains a range of potential target audiences for the Everyone Ready program and Energize provides material for as many of these as possible.  Training may be needed for:

  • Anyone in the system charged with being a coordinator of volunteers.
    • Newcomers with little background in volunteer management.
    • Newcomers to the organization, but already skilled in volunteer management in other settings.
    • More advanced people.
    • Very advanced people.
  • Frontline supervisors of volunteers (people who hold many different jobs but come in contact with volunteers on a day-to-day basis) at all levels.
    • Those with supervisory skills already (with employees).
    • Those who do not supervise other employees.
  • Affiliate or branch directors – who need to know how to support volunteers and maintain the national standards.
  • Middle management:  department heads, unit supervisors, and others who will have volunteers within their area of work and have to support the frontline people who are the supervisors of volunteers.
  • Boards of directors – not for generic boardsmanship topics (though needed, too!), but on how to govern the volunteer-related aspects of the national and local levels.
  • Staff on the national, regional, or state level who act as consultants to local people on volunteer issues (once removed, but need to be knowledgeable).
  • Key leadership volunteers who may be project leaders, committee chairs, fundraising chairs, etc.

Learners' comments about Everyone Ready resources.

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