What will our IT staff need to do?

IT requirements are minimal as Everyone Ready is a Web-based service and all its resources live on the Energize, Inc. server. 

  • For Small to Mid-Sized Organization Members (up to 350 learners), there is no IT staff involvement at your end at all, since your authorized learners log into Everyone Ready through a password-protected portal on our site.
  • For Large and National Organization Members,  access to Everyone Ready  starts on your organization’s own Web site; then users are seamlessly moved to our server.  Here is what is required on your end:
  • Learners must access the program either through a password-access-only area of your site or Energize can provide a password-protected area on the Energize server.
  • Your IT staff will need to add some coding on your server to pass users to our servers where your users will access the full Everyone Ready program.

In all cases, Energize will work with your IT staff to make sure the process is as smooth as possible.   Our experience with the various current member organizations' IT staff has been very positive in implementing these systems.

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