Will experienced leaders of volunteers find the topics useful?

The Everyone Ready featured resources introduce the most important topics and issues involved in being successful with volunteers.  We aim to offer core information for people who may not have considered the topic in a formal way.  But we also direct learners to even more resources (e.g., Ask Your Question area, published books, online articles, and other Web sites), allowing more experienced people to take their learning to a deeper level.

For those new to working with volunteers,  Everyone Ready is a starting point for developing the wide range of skills needed.

More experienced leaders of volunteers will undoubtedly find many new ideas to spark their interest, as well as getting a refresher course to re-emphasize best practice.  Those more advanced on a particular subject can truly make the program work for them by taking their learning to the next level by:

  • Posting questions or comments to the Ask Your Question area and get our expert trainer help on whatever level needed or to explore a particular setting (e.g., hospice, museums, animal sheltering).  Our experts welcome thought-provoking exchange, so it's up to the learners to take the initiative!  
  • Delving into the additional resources we give as a starting point…and continuing personal research.
  • Engaging others in the organization in some in-depth discussion (or debate!) about any of the points raised on any topic during the year.
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