What is the "Learning Community"?

When it comes to volunteer management best practices, the staff of volunteer-involving organizations have much more in common with each other than differences. Therefore, one goal of Everyone Ready is to create a “learning community” to share experiences and cross-fertilize ideas. Our expert trainers answers questions and discuss issues in the Ask Your Questions section. This means your learners have direct access to an expert in the field 365 days a year. It permits learners to get advice on applying the general information to the specific situations they encounter on the ground - both from the trainer and from other learners in all member organizations (permitting cross-fertilization of ideas and proof of the universality of volunteer management principles). Learners may opt in or out of receiving direct e-mails notifications of posts for each topic.

In addition, we strongly encourage all member organizations to form study teams of people from the same site (such as a unit, affiliate, or branch office), allowing key staff to consider volunteer-related material together and engage in collective strategizing.

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