For what kind of learner is the content of the program designed?

Each organization contains a range of potential target audiences for the Everyone Ready program and Energize provides material for as many of these as possible. 

  • Frontline supervisors of volunteers (people who hold many different jobs but come in contact with volunteers on a day-to-day basis) at all levels.
    • Those with supervisory skills already (with employees).
    • Those who do not supervise other employees.
  • Affiliate or branch directors – who need to know how to support volunteers and maintain the national standards.
  • Middle management:  department heads, unit supervisors, and others who will have volunteers within their area of work and have to support the frontline people who are the supervisors of volunteers.
  • Boards of directors – not for generic boardsmanship topics (though needed, too!), but on how to govern the volunteer-related aspects of the national and local levels.
  • Staff on the national, regional, or state level who act as consultants to local people on volunteer issues (once removed, but need to be knowledgeable).
  • Key leadership volunteers who may be project leaders, committee chairs, fundraising chairs, etc.
  •  Anyone in the system charged with being a coordinator of volunteers.

Everyone Ready introduces everyone to the many topics and issues involved in being successful with volunteers, and it provides motivation and structure to continue their learning while managing all the other parts of their jobs. 

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