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Component 1: Learning Center

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39 Volunteer Management Seminars and Guides

The cornerstone of the Everyone Ready Volunteer Management Skill-Building Program is the Learning Center, a “library” of thirty-six (36) key volunteer management training resources plus three (3) introductory trainings designed to lay the foundation for successful involvement of volunteers.  Each member organization has 24/7 access to the Learning Center. 

The training topics have universal interest, have been field-tested by diverse national organization members since 2005, and are updated regularly.

  • The library is searchable by topic, format, and keyword
  • All topics offer a downloadable Certificate of Completion after an evaluation has been submitted.

Online Training Seminars

19 video presentations (each divided into three parts, totaling 45-60 minutes in length) with downloadable handouts (PDF).  

  • Seminars can be watched individually or by several people together.  They can also be projected on a screen for presentation to groups, at a staff meeting, or as a conference breakout session.

Self-Instruction Guides

20 downloadable and printable PDFs, 20-30 pages in length, developed for individual and group learning, with pre- and post-reading self-assessments, a “Featured Reading” from a respected source, discussion questions and “try-this” exercises, and an annotated list of further reading references and Web links. 

  • Self-Instruction Guides are downloaded by each learner, so your audience can develop a personal library of volunteer management information.
  • Added bonus! The library provides an audio recording (MP3 file) of each Guide for online listening or downloading to a portable listening device.  This gives your learners even more flexibility in when and how to access the information.
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