How do people find the time to make the best use of all the resources?

The most common obstacle to full use of the Everyone Ready resources is lack of time -- or the perceived lack of time.  While we recognize how busy most organization staff are and empathize with the time pressures, we also believe that time spent on training ends up making everyone more efficient and effective.  Further, in this case, learning how to bring great volunteers on board can only lead to more hands and heads to doing the work.

We advise our members to respond to hearing "I just don't have the time" from their prospective learners with the following suggestions:

  • You can mark your calendar for the new featured topic every other month.
  • Energize will send you reminders! 
  • All featured resources include information about and links to additional related resources, including e-Volunteerism  journal articles and books from the Energize Online Bookstore (in which you now have a year-round 20% discount per purchase!). 
  • You can sign up to receive an e-mail when new postings are made to the Ask Your Questions area with our volunteer manager experts so that you are alerted to new exchanges.
  • We encourage you to form a learning team of a few people with whom you can schedule time to do the training and discuss it.  When you are doing the work with others, you have greater incentive to schedule the time each month.

Also, staff will make time for anything treated as important by their top management.  So consistent positive messages from supervisors on up are important motivators in the success of Everyone Ready enrollment.

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