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Component 2: In-Depth Featured Topics

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The training resources for the Everyone Ready Volunteer Management Skill-Building Program are written or presented by leading experts and practitioners in the volunteer management field. While all topics are continuously accessible in the Learning Center, every two months we take a deep dive and guide learners through a Featured Topic, for which we assemble a variety of resources learners can access immediately on the site. They can then choose to explore the content most relevant to their work and level of experience.  Resources offered for each topic include: 

  • A “food for thought” introductory video (under 4 minutes) to put the topic into a broader context 
  • Self-Instruction Guides

  • Online Seminars
 (full or selected segments)
  • Articles from the e-Volunteerism journal

  • Ability to ask questions of our volunteer management experts on any training topic 

Ask Questions of Our Volunteer Management Experts

Everyone Ready trainers answers questions and discuss issues in the Ask Your Question section. This means your learners have direct access to an expert in the field 365 days a year. It permits learners to get advice on applying the general information we offer to the specific situations they encounter on the ground - both from the trainer and from other learners in all member organizations (permitting cross-fertilization of ideas and proof of the universality of volunteer management principles). 

Resource Recommendations 

Additional resources related to the Featured Topic are also brought to the forefront - selected articles in e-Volunteerism, books in the Online Bookstore, and sections of the Energize Web site - are linked directly from the Featured Topic page give learners additional information right away and jump-start their use of the other learning sources available to them through Everyone Ready.

Calendar of Staff Development Opportunities

Having featured topics every two months allows you to invite your network to focus on the same topic together. You can then add value through conference calls for discussion, on-site workshops, or informal brown-bag lunch sessions – all keeping volunteer engagement on the agenda for strategic planning. 

Participant Reminders

Energize sends notices directly to participants to announce the Featured Topic as well as reminders for them to take advantage of the training opportunities and to ask their questions of the expert trainers. The e-mails also set the topic into context and alert participants to further resources on the highlighted subject. Learners can also join the private Everyone Ready Facebook group where they'll receive additional reminders and have opportunities to network with their peers. 

Optional Launch with Introductory Topics

You can start your members with a seminar and two guides designed to orient newcomers, draw attention to the importance of volunteer engagement, and lay the groundwork for the highlighted Featured Topics to come.


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