What the Learners Say

"I have really enjoyed the trainings that I have taken through Everyone Ready. I would recommend these courses to anyone involved with volunteer management. All of them have given me new information and important, practical tips that I can start to implement right away. We have monthly calls during which we discuss  a training  topic and everyone gets a lot out of the Everyone Ready program.
-- American Lung Association participant

"This is a great program. Some of the modules get double duty and others I go back to when I'm working on a project – such as recruiting for a new group of volunteers. Thank you!" 
-- 4-H participant

" I really enjoy using the Everyone Ready Program - very convenient. Our volunteer retention rate has improved due to the success of our improved efforts."
-- CASA participant

“For someone who is spread across four departments, including volunteer management for the entire region, I love the quick access and ease of reading the Everyone Ready self study guides. The only drawback is I'm addicted to them now and want to print out about 100 different self study guides ! ;-) “
-- American Red Cross participant

"Great resources!"
-- Boys and Girls Club participant

"I really love these on-line seminars for me and my staff. They are great motivators and they enhance what we do. This is one of the best things CASA has done for us!  Thanks." 
-- CASA participant

"I believe these are a value added resource for the organization for staff and volunteers to improve performance and goal achievement." 
-- American Red Cross participant

"Really good! Am planning to send an email to others in our system who are linked to be sure they don't miss this. Wish I had this training years ago." 
-- 4-H participant

"This was a very good seminar that presented the material in a simple but effective format. I plan on passing along this information to my lead volunteers so they may utilize it when dealing with their own volunteers." 
-- U.S. Army Volunteer Corps participant

"Helpful seminar that I believe will create good dialogue at our upcoming staff training next week! Thanks."  
AFS participant

"I have enjoyed the Everyone Ready program. It was much needed for our organization since we work with volunteers who are a valuable resource in getting the job done. The Everyone Ready program has helped strengthen our organization in the area of Volunteerism." 
-- 4-H participant

"I think these resources are great and recommend them often."
-- Virginia Medical Reserve Corps participant

"You all have met my and exceeded my expectations."   
-- March of Dimes participant

"I have enjoyed the Everyone Ready program. It has enlightened me on Volunteerism. It has given me new ideas and ways to recruit and manage volunteers. As a result of the Everyone Ready program, I hope to increase the number of volunteers of different generations to make our organization be more effective and efficient in programming that serves the citizens in our state to have a better quality of life." 
-- 4-H participant 

"We were able to use the new ideas to recruit new and motivate our current volunteers."
-- CASA participant

"I have enjoyed access to Everyone Ready for many years, and always encourage new managers and volunteer leaders to access the training topics."
-- American Red Cross participant 

"Participating in the Everyone Ready program helped me become a better volunteer.  I brought the knowledge to my work on our board and this helped improve our work together."
-- 4-H participant

"Truly appreciate having access to Everyone Ready. Being able to do this at my own pace makes a difference and it has generated great discussion amongst the 3 staff of our program."  
-- CASA participant

“I can work learning into my schedule!”
-- CASA participant

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